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Augmented reality game demo for Symbian smartphone

This demo try to highlight some augmented reality gaming concepts:
Smooth tracking of multiple markers.
Real world objects used in the game.
In-game objects properties depend on real object properties.

This game require access to printer.

 Print pattern.png file, cut it into markers and place them on the table.
Markers allow for smooth calculation of 3d position of the phone camera.Effectively phone is used as both display and 3d mouse.
Markers also uses as anchor for static objects - like obstacle block.  Making different arrangement of markers you create different "level" design. Another important function of markers is to be background for real objects. Placing small objects on top of the marker - coin, jewelry or other trinket allow to make a scan of this object and use it in game. Later I may use also big objects like scissors, pens etc as "terrain" with different properties.

Read the manual before starting the game.
Manual(alreday included into download)

This demo shod work for Symbain 9.* with 320x240 screen resolution

Version 0.2 is up
New in version 0.02:
1. Objects scanning improved
2. The manual improved and extended.
3. Bug fixed in color stripe of the object (show sword produced from the object)
4. Object properties rebalanced (swords&shields)
5. Some bugs  in AI
6. Some game enviroment changes.

Download version for
N95, N82
Version for Symbian 9.2 with VFP
Download for the rest
Version forSymbian 9.1 and 9.2 without VFP
Download for E50, E51, or if you are getting "Feture not supported" error
Versoin for E50, E51

Download old version:
Version for Nokia N95, N82
for Symbain 9.2 with VFP

Version for N93 etc. N96 also here.
for the rest

Version for Symbian 7.0s (Nokia 6600 and others)
pattern.png file (alreday included into download)

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