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1.Necessary preparations

First you have to prepare markers for the game.
Print pattern.png file and cut it into nine markers. You should have six bar-coded markers and three solid square markers .
Put square markers in enter and arrange the rest into roughly circular area..
Put some small, bright objects inside the square markers.

Markers placement

2.Beginning of the game - marker registration.

At the beginningt of the game you should  register all the markers.  Move camera  around until all the markers are captured.
Try to keep at least two or more markers  in the camera frame while doing it. That is not actually necessary, only new, unregistered marker should fit into the camera frame completly.
Keeping at least two markers in the frame during the registration phase make process more reliable.
Don't move camera too close to table surface.


You will see colored blocks near the registered markers (only for the bar-coded markers, there is no block near the solid markers)

registered markers


Left - create shield from object (or dual swor if possible)
Right - create sword from objects
Twice left/right, if you have ability to use high level weapon
Up - whirlwind
Down - whirlwind
Center - reshaffle objects (leftmost obectalways  used first)
Key "8" - produce debug dump. It's very slow, don't use it.


The gameplay is inspired by Pacman, but also include some RPG elements.
You run around and capture enemy bots.  To capture bot just run over it.
You gain the level if you capture enough bots.
There are several types of bots, with different stats.
Sometimes bot can go berserk. Berserk bot turn to the red color and try to bite you. If it bite you, you lose life.
Capture of a few normal bots restore your life.

There are also small objects (trinkets) lying around. Those 
trinkets  prodused from the real-life ojects placed on top of the solid square markers.
They coud be used to create swords, shields and other weapon (see "Keys" section).
Trinkets collected shown on the screen below  lifes. Color stripe above the trinket show the sword produced from it (colors of the sword indicate its quality).
You can not carry more than 3 
trinkets at the begiinning of the game, but will be able to carry more later.

As you progress through levels you will discover treasures and its Guardians. Guardian is the magneta-hued bot.
You should capture 
guardian to unlock the treasure. However guardian have several lifes. You will be able capture it only after it suffer few sword hits.
Treausure give you some bonuses, like increase maximum life, or ulock some new weapon.


5.Weapons Effects

If your charcater hit by sword you lose life. If you hit other bot with sword  you stun it, causing it to slow down.
If you hit berserker or Guardina (several times) with sword it become common bot.
Sword hit also cause target to lose all the weapon (shields or swords).
Shield defend against sword hits or bot bitse, but could be broken. Sword could be broken too.
If you hit the bot red sparks appear. If you break enemy weapon geen sparks appear.
If hit was reflected - white sparks.

Quality of the weapon is defined by the image of the scanned object, from whcih it was produced.
    yellow - best, red - worst.
    yellow-red part - yellow more sharp, red - less sharp
    blue-green part - blue less heavy, green more heavy

Attack value of the sword is defined by swing strength, depicted as a sword afterglow.
To make strong attack rotate you character around.
Heavy sword is more likely to break enemy shield. Sharp sword is more likely to break enemy sword.


The game engine use phone camera to track markers and calculate camera postion. Sometimes track is lost.
If that happen move camera up, to see several markers. Shaking camera a gently can help too.
Traker need at least four point (corners or sides of the marker) to calculate its position.
Those corner or sides could be from difeerent markers.
Thin red ring around the markers designate maximal possible game area. You can not move outside that area.

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