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Downloadable game demo for Symbian 7.0s cellphone

 gameplay video

This demo may only for Symbian 7.0s phones like Nokia 6600, 6620, 6670, Nokia 3230, SAMSUNG SGH-D720 and some others.  
Tested only for Nokia 6600. It may or may not work for other
Symbian 7.0s devices.
The demo run at 5-8 frame/second on the Nokia 6600. That is caused by slow camera and quite weak CPU.

Tabletop AR game demo

This demo try to highlite some augmented relity gaming concepts:
Usage of multiple coded markers.
Game dependent on the user-made environment.
Usage of real-life objects in the game.
Dependence in-game property of objects on their real-life property.
Real-life environment transformation in the game.

How to use the demo:
Print the pattern.png file. Cut it into six bar-coded markers and three solid square markers.
Put square markers in enter and arrange the rest into roughly circular form.
markers position
Put some small, bright objects into square markers.
Those small objects are in-game amulets. They could be used for creation of weapon and power-ups.
Later in the game you will be prompted to replace those amulets. Quality of weapon depend on the amulet color and shape.
Speed of the game depend on the background and lighting conditions.
You can use "6" button to switch to black&white view, to see if marker separated properly. Press 6 again to switch back.
In case of bad use lighting conditions contrast key "1", "2"  and black&white view to improve speed.

At the start of the game you should allow tracker algorithm to capture all markers. Using the capturing marker tracker
can calculate positions of the objects. Move camera slowly around until all markers captured.
Captured markers outlined in green. After all markers captured  press any key to start the game.
capture mode

During the gameplay evoid sharp movment, they can case  tracker to lose markers.
Try to keep at least parts of the two markers, or complete marker always in the camera.
phone position
tracker need tal least four point (markers corner) to calculate position. But those corner could be from different markers.
If you lost track during the gameplay red message "Tracker Lost" appear. Move camera slowly up or around, until you tracker find markers and message disappear.

download demo for symbian 7.0s

You should capture as much enemy heads as possible. Sometime enemy  go berserk.
Berserk can bite you, causing you to lose life. Capturing two (or more at later levels) heads giveyou bonus life.
Amulets generated at square markers from time to time, from real objects placed on  the marker. You can pick amulets to create weapon.
After level three you can go into bonus plane at the end of the level. In the bonus plane you should capture the guardian and open the gold box.
Gold box can give you permanent max life increase, max talisman increase or weapon upgrade.